Our clinic is equipped to perform a variety of surgeries. All surgical instruments are sterilised and we have dedicated surgical theatres. A fully trained and qualified vet nurse assists the veterinarian with all surgical procedures and monitors the patients through to recovery.

It is important your pet is not given food after 8pm the night before surgery.  The reason for this is your pet may vomit under anaesthetic and regurgitated food can dangerously affect breathing. 

Admission times generally start at 8am on the day of surgery.  When you arrive a nurse will go through any important information and do an initial health check before admitting your pet to our wards.  

Once admitted, your pet will receive a sedative to help them relax.  

Our standard aftercare for routine surgeries include long lasting injections of pain relief (which lasts 24-48 hours).  Additional pain relief or antibiotics are provided when needed.

We also recommend the use of an elizabethan collar to reduce the risk of your pet licking and chewing at stitches as this can cause infection.  


To discuss our surgical services, please call our team.