Health Screening

Health testing is available for various hereditary conditions, these should be performed before breeding is attempted. This is in the interests of promoting responsible breeding and is recommended for all canine and feline breeding.

All patients presented for assisted assimilation at this facility will need to provide evidence of breed appropriate testing and breeding suitability.

All patients need to be up to date with vaccination, prior to intended assimilation.

This is to be provided if it is available for the breed. See Orivet website for the profile available for your breed. Please note these tests are always improving and clear by parentage is NOT satisfactory proof of DNA testing.

White coat in any breed can be associated with deafness.  All white coated patients to be screened for deafness.

This includes information on the CHEDS hip and elbow scoring scheme (breed averages are listed on this site), back scoring information and information on known hereditary diseases for various breeds.  Visit the ORCHID (Officially Registered Canine Health Information Database) site here.

Many breeds have hereditary heart conditions, screening ultrasounds can be performed by specialist ultrasonographers and they supply a certificate of examination.

Breeds susceptible to polycystic kidney disease need this screening test, this can be performed at the same time as cardiac ultrasound.

These are performed by specialist veterinary ophthalmologists and a certificate of examination is provided.

Breed Example - Bulldogs (French, British & Aussie)

We require proof of:

  • Up to date vaccination (3 yearly vaccinations accepted)

  • Cardiac ultrasound

  • Spine and hip radiographs and scoring (at or below breed average)

  • Hearing test (white or partially white coats)

  • DNA screening test


We recommend:

  • Eye examination

  • Hearing test


For more information or to book a health screen, please call our team.