Brainstem Auditory Evoked Response
(BAER) Testing

BAER testing is a specialised non-invasive screening test to confirm hearing loss and is now available at Kudah Veterinary Services.

The test is performed using a specialised computer that is connected to multiple electrodes placed in and around the ears and crown of the head.  These electrodes measure the electrical activity of the brain in response to sounds administered into each ear.  

The test can be performed on a conscious patient, however your pet must lie completely still.  In most cases, sedation will be required to obtain a diagnostic reading (interference from movement and other stimulus can void the results (both false positive and negative results).

Our standard aftercare for routine surgeries include long lasting injections of pain relief (which lasts 24-48 hours).  Additional pain relief or antibiotics are provided when needed.

We also recommend the use of an elizabethan collar to reduce the risk of your pet licking and chewing at stitches as this can cause infection.  

Below is an example of unilateral deafness at 60dB and medium sensitivity.
The left ear trace indicates deafness, the right ear trace indicates normal hearing.


For more information on our BAER testing, please call our team.