Our reproductive services provides breeders with access to quality pedigree lines to promote the breeding of sound, healthy puppies.


Breeding examinations are now required prior to all assimilation services (including progesterone testing, semen freezing and all artificial inseminations).  Please see attached examination PDF


We offer in-house progesterone testing (a simple blood test) for female dogs when in oestrus or heat. Testing is used to determine optimum dates for natural or artificial insemination.  We also use progesterone testing to determine optimum timing for elective c-sections.


Frozen semen is stored in large flasks of liquid nitrogen at -196 degrees Celsius.  Quality frozen semen from stud dogs can be insurance from losing a valuable breeding source and will remain viable for many years.  It also means breeders can access stud dogs located across the world.

The procedures for collecting, freezing, storing, shipping and using the semen is simple and safe for your stud dog.


Surgical insemination for frozen semen requires general anaesthetic.  An abdominal incision is made and the semen is injected directly into the uterus with a small needle. Timing is critical with this method, and progesterone testing is used to pinpoint ovulation to maximise conception rates before proceeding with this surgery.

We also offer non-surgical vaginal insemination for fresh semen, which is performed with a pipette via palpation only.  


We now offer transcervical insemination (TCI) which does not require general anaesthetic.  TCI allows accurate placement of semen through the cervix.  Some patients may need light sedation for the procedure.


A drop in progesterone levels can indicate the end of gestation. Caesarean sections are available during our business hours.